Monday, July 8, 2013

My Dish cloth obsession

Hello, my name is Shannon and I am addicted to dishcloths.
There! I said it! Pheeew!
I blame my crochet exchange group and Peaches n' Cream for making the most beautiful 100% cotton yarn.
They are so handy to have around the house plus you can just toss them in the washer! There are sooo many patterns that I am sure you can spend days just looking at them, so I gathered my favorite patterns to share with you all today!
First is the Nubbie Scrubbies. This pattern is great for practicing your treble crochet stitch. Here is mine <3.

Then there's the Crunchy Stitch dishcloth. Perfect for cleaning those stubborn counter tops (at least they're stubborn in my house!)
Then there is the Sedge Stitch dishcloth. I found this one to be the easist and quickest to work up  :-)
Next is the Sunburst dishcloth. I loved this cloth but didnt have the colors so made my own colorful version !

And last but not least a beautiful Cherry dish cloth <3 I love this one! It will brighten up any kitchen! I hope y'all enjoy these lovely patterns <3 I would love to see your work so please feel free to post on my facebook page Mama Bee's Crafty Things ( or join our crochet group The Crochet Menagerie <3 Till next time , Enjoy! xx