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Monday, June 24, 2013

I love Dolls!!

When I first started crocheting a few years ago I was getting so frustrated with patterns not turning out right (blankets) ,that I was going to give up! Everything I made came out small at the top and large at the bottom or crooked lol. Then I found Amigurumi and fell in love <3.
It is sooo easy and if you mess up, most of the time, only you will know  ;-).  They are perfect for beginners because the help you practice with repetitive stitches. I want to share some free doll patterns I have had the pleasure of finding and making.

If you have been blessed with a little girl then you know ALL about the LaLaLoopsy craze. Here is a super cute Lalaloopsy inspired pattern by a awesome Craftster member. Here is how mine came out <3

Any Coraline fans in your house. Coraline was a cute claymation movie about a little girl who moves to a new home that has a small door with an alternate world. Here is a great pattern for a Coraline inspired . Here is my finished doll <3

And here is a Merida doll inspired by the movie Brave that I made. I haven't written the pattern out yet but rest assured I WILL soon just for ya'll.
I hope you enjoy these free patterns and as always visit my facebook page Mama Bee's Crafty Things or join the crochet group The Crochet Menagerie and spread the love of crochet. Till next time, Enjoy !!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garden fun with the kiddos

It's summer time and although you may imagine swimming pools, water balloon fights and lazy days when you think of summer, in the Maw Beez household we're still busy learning while having fun <3.
Unfortunately(lol), we live in the desert and it has been soo hot outside that the boys don't even want to go swimming for longer than 30 mins. So I have been searching for things to do inside together and found this awesome idea on pinterest for recycled self watering containers and thought it was a perfect project for me and the boys to do together.

You will need:

Clean 2 liter soda container
Potting soil
About 10 inches of yarn
A thick nail

Step 1: Cut the soda bottle in half

Step 2: take the lid off and using the nail and hammer, punch a hole in the lid. ( If you do not have a nail you can use a screw and screwdriver)

Step 3: thread the yarn through the hole in the lid and tie a knot in the middle so that it can not slip through and leaving a tail on both ends.

Step 4: Replace the lid on the bottle and fill with potting soil and pour just enough water in the bottom half of the bottle to cover the string of yarn and place the top half inside the bottom half.

Step 5: Plant your seeds and water. Place in a window sill and watch them grow!

This will be the last time you water directly from the top. The string of yarn will draw up just the right amount of water your plant will need to thrive. You will need to replenish the water in the bottom once every week or two.
My boys loved this project and we had fun making a garden. Plus, now I will have pretty flowers too.
I hope you enjoy this project and go off and have fun with your little ones too! Till next time, Enjoy! <3

Friday, June 14, 2013

Little Sunshine Skirt

My little sunshine skirt popped in my head while making the mermaid tail last week  :-).
This is a cute little skirt that is super fast to work and easily made to any size.

Worsted weight yarn ( i used redheart in pale yellow and white)
H hook


Ch6 sc across
R1-43: Working in back loops only ch1, turn, sc across. (add or subtract rows to adjust waist. This should fit a 6 month old)

Slip stitch ends together, ch1 and sc around,join
R1-4:ch1, sc,dc in same as join, *(sc,dc) in next stitch, skip next*around
R5: ch1 sc,dc in same stitch as join skip next stitch, *sc,dc in next, skip next* 4 more times, sc,dc in next 3 stitches, skip next, *sc,dc in next, skip next* 10 times, sc,dc in next 3 stitches, skip next, *sc,dc next, skip next*to join.join
R6: ch1, sc,dc in same stitch, skip next, *sc,dc in same stitch, skip next* around to join. Join
R7:ch1, sc,dc in same stitch, skip next, *sc,dc in next st, skip next*5 more times, sc,dc in next 3 stitches, skip next stitch ,*sc, dc in next, skip next* 10 times, sc,dc in next, skip next, across to join, join.
R8-9: ch1, sc,dc in same as join, skip next, *sc,dc in next,skip next*around, join.

R10: ch1, sc,dc in same as join, skip next stitch, *sc,dc in next,skip next* 7 more times, sc,dc in next 3, skip next, *sc,dc in next, skip next* 12 times, sc,dc in next, skip next in next 3 stitches,* sc,dc in next, skip next* to join. Join

R11-15: ch1, sc,dc in same chain as join, skip next stitch, *sc, dc in nextstitch, skip next* around to join, join.
Switch to white
R16: ch 2, 3 dc in same stitch as join, skip next stitch, slip stitch in next, skip next , *4 dc in next, skip next, slip st next, skip next* around, finish off and weave ends.

To adjust this skirt to any size just increase the length of the waistband and increase on the "sides" as I did in rows 5 and 7 and length.
And there you have it, my little sunshine skirt!
I just love how it came out and think it would look great in different colors and appliques.
As always please visit my facebook page Mama Bee's Crafty Things and post pics of your results <3. Or join us over at The Crochet Menagerie group on facebook. Till next time, Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making a Splash!!!

Ever since I first saw the movie Splash, I have loved mermaids. Recently I have seen so many mermaid sets in different styles that too me, personally, look way hard too make LOL. Soooo now that I have my little girl I thought it was time to make a mermaid out of her <3. This is a simple pattern that is adjustable to any size and length needed. This size should fit a baby who is 6-12 months.

Worsted weight yarn
H hook

Stitches used
Sc= single crochet
Dc= double crochet
Sc2tog= single crochet 2 together
Pattern: *sc,dc in same stitch, skip next stitch, sc,dc in next,skip next *

Waist band
Ch6 sc across
Working in the back loops only
R1-45: ch 1 sc across
(this.fits a 6-9month baby. To make it the size you need just add or take away rows).
At the end of row 45 ch 1 and slip stitch the two ends together making the waist band.

R1: Ch1 sc around band. Join
R2-4: Ch1 sc,dc in same stitch as join, skip next stitch, sc,dc in next* around,  join
R5: ch1,sc,dc in same stitch as join, sc,dc in next, skip next stitch and continue pattern till you get to the hip or side, sc,dc in next st, sc,dc in next, skip a stitch then continue pttern across front to next hip or side and increase by sc,dc in next st,sc,dc,in next then repeat pattern across to join, join.
R6-12 : ch1, sc,dc in same sc as join, skip next, sc,dc in next, skip next*repeat repeat pattern around
( this reaches to the knees of a 6-9 month old. Add or subtract rows as needed)
R13: ch1 sc,dc in same as join, repeat pattern till you get to the side/hip then sc2tog twice then repeat pattern across front to next side/hip and sc2tog twice, reapeat pattern to join. Join.
R14-17 : repeat pattern around.
R18: repeat row 13
R19-21: repeat pattern around
R22: repeat row 13
R23-25: repeat pattern
R26: repeat 13
R27-30: repeat pattern around
R31: repeat 13
32:repeat pattern
33:repeat 13
34-44: continue alternating between pattern (sc,dc in same sc, skip next) and row 13
Lay tail flat ch 1 and sc across closing tail , turn (8)
R1:Ch1 ,sc across,turn(8)
R2:Ch1, 2 sc in first, sc across to last sc, 2sc in last,turn(12)
R3:Ch1, sc across, turn
R4-13: repeat rows 2 and 3 alternating
Ch1 , sc in next 3 sc, hdc,hdc, dc in next 5, treble in next 3, slip stitch,treble next 3, dc in next 5, hdc, hdc, sc in next 3, slip stitch into last stitch chain 4 and slip stitch finish off weave tail.
And there you have your own little mermaid!
Here's my little angel <3 I have to admit that I should of made this when she was a few month younger because now she is nothing but a wiggle worm.  :-D
Don't forget to share yours ony page Mama Bee's Crafty Things <3. Till next time, ENJOY!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pretty in the bloom hat

A few years ago a customer asked me to make a pretty hat for her daughter. I ended up designing my "In the bloom" hat. It quickly became a great seller in my shop and I'm sure it will in yours too!


Worsted weight yarn ( I used pink for the hat and white for the flower)
H hook
Yarn Needle

Ch 3
R1: 10 dc in 2nd ch from hook join in top of ch 3.
R2: ch2,  2 dc in each around, join in top of ch2
R3: ch2, dc in same dc as join, *dc in next, 2dc in next* around, join in top of ch2
R4: ch2, dc in same dc as join, *dc in next2 dc, 2dc in next*around, join in top of ch2
R5: ch2, dc in same dc as join, *dc in next 3 dc, 2dc in next*around, join in top of ch2
R6-11 ch2, dc in each around, join in top of chain 2
R12: sc in each around, join
R13: ch2, (hdc,dc,dc,hdc) in same sc as join, skip next stitch, *hdc,dc,dc,hdc in next,skip next st, hdc,dc,dc,hdc in next, skip next st* around, join , fasten off and weave ends.

Starting with the color of the hat

10sc in 2nd ch from hook, join

R1:* ch3,skip next stitch,slip stitch in next* 5x,join in top of first sc

R2: slip stitch into first ch3 space, *ch 1, sc,hdc,dc,dc,hdc,sc, slip stitch into next ch3 space,ch1, sc,hdc,dc,dc,hdc,sc* repeat around, join

R3: Working around the posts of the petals, ch4 sc around next post, *ch4 , sc around next post* around fasten off.

Join white at any ch4 , ch1 , sc, hdc,dc,tr,tr,dc,hdc,sc, slip stitch to next ch4* around. Fasten off leaving long tail for sewing onto your hat.

And there it is, my In the Bloom hat. Please feel free to use in your shop as long as you mention the pattern is by Maw Beez <3

Here is a picture that a wonderful pattern tester made. And one that I made for myself <3. Stop by my facebook page Mama Bee's Crafty Things and post your hats  :-)  Till next time !