Monday, June 24, 2013

I love Dolls!!

When I first started crocheting a few years ago I was getting so frustrated with patterns not turning out right (blankets) ,that I was going to give up! Everything I made came out small at the top and large at the bottom or crooked lol. Then I found Amigurumi and fell in love <3.
It is sooo easy and if you mess up, most of the time, only you will know  ;-).  They are perfect for beginners because the help you practice with repetitive stitches. I want to share some free doll patterns I have had the pleasure of finding and making.

If you have been blessed with a little girl then you know ALL about the LaLaLoopsy craze. Here is a super cute Lalaloopsy inspired pattern by a awesome Craftster member. Here is how mine came out <3

Any Coraline fans in your house. Coraline was a cute claymation movie about a little girl who moves to a new home that has a small door with an alternate world. Here is a great pattern for a Coraline inspired . Here is my finished doll <3

And here is a Merida doll inspired by the movie Brave that I made. I haven't written the pattern out yet but rest assured I WILL soon just for ya'll.
I hope you enjoy these free patterns and as always visit my facebook page Mama Bee's Crafty Things or join the crochet group The Crochet Menagerie and spread the love of crochet. Till next time, Enjoy !!!