Saturday, June 22, 2013

Garden fun with the kiddos

It's summer time and although you may imagine swimming pools, water balloon fights and lazy days when you think of summer, in the Maw Beez household we're still busy learning while having fun <3.
Unfortunately(lol), we live in the desert and it has been soo hot outside that the boys don't even want to go swimming for longer than 30 mins. So I have been searching for things to do inside together and found this awesome idea on pinterest for recycled self watering containers and thought it was a perfect project for me and the boys to do together.

You will need:

Clean 2 liter soda container
Potting soil
About 10 inches of yarn
A thick nail

Step 1: Cut the soda bottle in half

Step 2: take the lid off and using the nail and hammer, punch a hole in the lid. ( If you do not have a nail you can use a screw and screwdriver)

Step 3: thread the yarn through the hole in the lid and tie a knot in the middle so that it can not slip through and leaving a tail on both ends.

Step 4: Replace the lid on the bottle and fill with potting soil and pour just enough water in the bottom half of the bottle to cover the string of yarn and place the top half inside the bottom half.

Step 5: Plant your seeds and water. Place in a window sill and watch them grow!

This will be the last time you water directly from the top. The string of yarn will draw up just the right amount of water your plant will need to thrive. You will need to replenish the water in the bottom once every week or two.
My boys loved this project and we had fun making a garden. Plus, now I will have pretty flowers too.
I hope you enjoy this project and go off and have fun with your little ones too! Till next time, Enjoy! <3