Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Making a Splash!!!

Ever since I first saw the movie Splash, I have loved mermaids. Recently I have seen so many mermaid sets in different styles that too me, personally, look way hard too make LOL. Soooo now that I have my little girl I thought it was time to make a mermaid out of her <3. This is a simple pattern that is adjustable to any size and length needed. This size should fit a baby who is 6-12 months.

Worsted weight yarn
H hook

Stitches used
Sc= single crochet
Dc= double crochet
Sc2tog= single crochet 2 together
Pattern: *sc,dc in same stitch, skip next stitch, sc,dc in next,skip next *

Waist band
Ch6 sc across
Working in the back loops only
R1-45: ch 1 sc across
(this.fits a 6-9month baby. To make it the size you need just add or take away rows).
At the end of row 45 ch 1 and slip stitch the two ends together making the waist band.

R1: Ch1 sc around band. Join
R2-4: Ch1 sc,dc in same stitch as join, skip next stitch, sc,dc in next* around,  join
R5: ch1,sc,dc in same stitch as join, sc,dc in next, skip next stitch and continue pattern till you get to the hip or side, sc,dc in next st, sc,dc in next, skip a stitch then continue pttern across front to next hip or side and increase by sc,dc in next st,sc,dc,in next then repeat pattern across to join, join.
R6-12 : ch1, sc,dc in same sc as join, skip next, sc,dc in next, skip next*repeat repeat pattern around
( this reaches to the knees of a 6-9 month old. Add or subtract rows as needed)
R13: ch1 sc,dc in same as join, repeat pattern till you get to the side/hip then sc2tog twice then repeat pattern across front to next side/hip and sc2tog twice, reapeat pattern to join. Join.
R14-17 : repeat pattern around.
R18: repeat row 13
R19-21: repeat pattern around
R22: repeat row 13
R23-25: repeat pattern
R26: repeat 13
R27-30: repeat pattern around
R31: repeat 13
32:repeat pattern
33:repeat 13
34-44: continue alternating between pattern (sc,dc in same sc, skip next) and row 13
Lay tail flat ch 1 and sc across closing tail , turn (8)
R1:Ch1 ,sc across,turn(8)
R2:Ch1, 2 sc in first, sc across to last sc, 2sc in last,turn(12)
R3:Ch1, sc across, turn
R4-13: repeat rows 2 and 3 alternating
Ch1 , sc in next 3 sc, hdc,hdc, dc in next 5, treble in next 3, slip stitch,treble next 3, dc in next 5, hdc, hdc, sc in next 3, slip stitch into last stitch chain 4 and slip stitch finish off weave tail.
And there you have your own little mermaid!
Here's my little angel <3 I have to admit that I should of made this when she was a few month younger because now she is nothing but a wiggle worm.  :-D
Don't forget to share yours ony page Mama Bee's Crafty Things <3. Till next time, ENJOY!