Thursday, May 30, 2013

Science Fair time!!!!

It is science fair time in the Maw Beez household and I wanted to share my sons first project. It is really easy and some thing fun to do with the entire family. Plus the kids are learning while having fun!

Lava In A Jar


1  jelly jar
1 cup of water
Food coloring (red preferably)
1/4 cup of oil
Sugar and a spoon


Step 1: pour 1 cup of water into the            jar

Step 2: squeeze 5 drops of red food coloring into water

Step 3: pour oil into the water ( stop here and observe and discuss what is happening )

Step 4: sprinkle a spoonful of sugar
            and see what happens!

Do you see the bubbles?? Looks kinda like a lava lamp right? :) Do you know why this happens? Well, oil is lighter than water so it floats. When you add the sugar, a little bit of oil gets trapped. As the sugar dissolves the oil is released and travels back to the top making a "lava" effect.
For an extra bonus add a few drops of a different colored food coloring afterwards and see what happens. The food coloring, which is heavier than water and sinks, gets coated in oil and sinks slower than normal making beautiful "fireworks" in the water.
My son really enjoyed this project and it boosted his curiousity in science and I do believe I may have a little Bill Nye the science guy on my hands. I plan on doing more science experiments with him throughout the summer and share them with you all! Till next time!